19 August 2017

"Card Laid, Card Played" works in a card game but has no place in business.

Newfoundlanders love a good game of cards. We had a lot of fun during a recent game of 120. Hearts were trump and Marg led with the deuce of Hearts. Ian played the Ace because he wanted this trick. Ken didn't see the Ace go down, so he played his King and by the look on his face, he was certain he was getting this trick.  He spotted the Ace as soon as his fingers dropped the King and he reached to pick it back up. "I meant to play the seven".

Suddenly, she was all in an uproar as they starting yelling


They all started laughing and banging on the table because they now knew where the King was and that was a game changer. They loved watching Ken squirm. He hates messing up.

The rule "Card Laid, Card Played" works in cards.But don't get fooled into believing that the same rule applies in business. Not at all, the rule in business is that you can change your mind or course correct at anytime. It actually makes good business sense to do so. When you play the wrong card, you pick it back up.

If you've made a decision to start a business in one area and noticed that there's no real market  - it makes good business sense to cut your losses and try a different product, service, or location. It's the equivalent of laying one card and picking it back up because it's not the right move.

Now, here's a warning - people will talk!!! People will have an opinion and some may even want to tell you "I told you so!"

But who cares? This is business - do what's right for your business - the stakes are higher. A better rule for you is "Play your cards right!"

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