14 April 2017

What are you passionate about? Sell that.

I sell what I know. I know how to unleash internal capacity - I learned this by unleashing my own capacity.  I went from over mentored, awesome employee material to loving entrepreneurship. Circumstances made it necessary for me to step out in faith and start a business. I've learned a set of skills where the rubber hits the road. 

I sell that knowledge. I'm passionate about that knowledge because it's personal to me, because I've been there and because I see the impact it has in a person's life. 

I am ecstatic about the capacity that we have as adults - a capacity that needs to be unleashed and I'm over the moon stoked about my role in that. 

What are you passionate about? When you find that passion amazing things happen. People show up in your life to help you bring that passion to market. You step out in faith and show your vulnerable side. You reap the benefits. 

Find your passion and make it your business. 

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