2 April 2017

Are you a good listener? Are you targeting the wrong market?

When I was a rookie entrepreneur, coaches would come alongside and try and sell me services. In the early days, I wouldn't purchase because I wasn't ready to put the skin in. There are many reasons for this.

 Later on people tried to sell me programs/coaching and I didn't purchase because they didn't clearly articulate that they could give me the solution to my problem - we all know what that looks like. We can be so caught up in that elevator pitch that we're not listening to the other person. We've all been there.

When I was ready, someone came along and they spoke to my need and a deal was struck. I was always ready to put some skin in but I am a very careful shopper.

If you're selling a service, are you listening to the prospect to see what their problem is or do you have a canned product that you're going to force on a market? Are you selling to the wrong market?

Market your services to folks who want to get where you are. You have that solution.

What about it? Are you targeting the wrong market? Are you listening well?

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