2 January 2017

Why I study Napoleon Hill: Dreamers dream even when they have no idea where the resources come from.

The instructor asked a question,

"If money were not an issue, what kind of home would you live in?"

I actually sat there and didn't even respond - this exercise seemed like a waste of time to me. What was the sense of thinking about this?  One of my classmates was a little more vocal than I was at the time and she yelled out:

"Why are you asking us that question? What are we wasting time on that for? Money is always the issue." I agreed with her and I saw others in the room who were nodding along with her.

That conversation took place 10 years ago, I'd love to know whether the rest of the class were as inspired as I was.


 I had no idea that this day would be a turning point for me. A door had opened and I stepped through.

People who achieve big dreams are also big dreamers. They dream in technicolour long before they know where the resources are coming from. This was a wild concept for me - the introduction to The Law of Attraction. It was the first time I had ever heard anyone speak about Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich"

It didn't take me long to realize that I didn't know how to dream this way and only a second longer to find out where I could learn. I purchased my first copy of the book within days and since then have read different versions and watched many videos on the topic.

....I became a sponge when it came to this topic - I wanted a better life - work I loved, great relationships, a good place to live. I wanted it all. I read everything I could read on the power of suggestion, the law of attraction, fixed and growth mindset, etc. I was a voracious learner. I did affirmations, wrote reams of prose, created vision boards, tapped, twisted and sought out people who were interested in the topic. If it would help me to break free of the limited thinking that I found myself in, I was interested in learning.

Now I teach other people. Some of the big gurus have gone on and forgotten how challenging it was in the early days to take that first step into a new way of thinking. I'm still close enough to it that I recall those early challenges - I love sharing what I have learned with others who are eager for a better life.

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