23 September 2016

Take time for play!!!

We laughed at ourselves as a group of 50+ women jumped on the trampoline and the kids looked at us like we were nuts. Can't believe how much fun we had.

When you have done all that you can do. When the last stone is turned. When you have knocked on every door possible. You have choices.

You can choose to worry or you can dance in the rain, take a hike, head to the beach. Point is, the solution won't show up until you carve out room for it. The way to make that happen is PLAY.

Make play a business strategy.

8 September 2016

Jump in - learn as your go!!!

We both started laughing at the same time. Did you really just say that?

"I couldn't do that - I don't know how to do that."

Ya, she said it and then we started laughing because at the same time we both realized that this was a bold faced lie.

My friend and I have much in common including the habit of jumping with both feet into unfamiliar territory including jobs that are way above our pay grade. You see, we have figured out that successful people aren't afraid to do that - jump in and learn while you're going along. It's become a way of life. I encourage you to try it sometime. You'll impress yourself with your ability to learn on the fly.

I learned to swim by being thrown in the deep end - yep, that's the way my teacher liked to do it. Granted, my father was never far away but he had no qualms about being unconventional. We all jump into parenting without a frickin clue what we're doing but we manage to wing it until we get it right. That's a big job don't you think?

If you reverse engineered most jobs, they're broken down into the next step to be taken. Most often there are folks who can help you out. Sooooo, get out there and get her done. Done is better than perfect - you can learn as you go.

Not heart surgery though, if you're thinking of tackling that, maybe get that down pat first. But the rest - get crackin' - in the deep end.

2 September 2016

The Social Media Challenge Packed a Lot of Punch

I absolutely love working with Sherri-Lee Woycik. She is that Canadian gal who manages the Badass Facebook Marketing group. I can't say enough about her challenge. It was a little tough to fit it all in what with running my own programming all week but I did manage to get most of it done.

As adult learners, we have a tendency to take away that nugget that we're ready to use next. This program had something for everyone. The more advanced FB marketing tips as well as tons of tips for beginners. She's an absolute master in her industry.

I am especially stoked because my name was drawn to attend a 6 hour boot camp intensive next week. I know that I will learn so much from that challenge.

So thanks SherriLee and if you're wanting to know more about her programs, check out her page above.