18 March 2016

Entrepreneurship and Mental Health: 3 Strategies That Work for Me

Owning a business can be quite demanding - most of you know this. It also has many rewards - most of us know this. Let alone the challenges of maintaining the revenues - some of us have an added layer. We have compromised mental health.

Anxiety and Depression are part of the mix for me and they don't hinge on having a good life. Sometimes when I hear people say "I don't know what she is depressed about, she just came back from the Caribbean." a little voice inside me acknowledges "There's room for education here." That's a sure sign that people don't get it. Right? But you get it because you get it....

3 Strategies That Work for Me

Flex Time - My hours in my business vary and I have created a culture that isn't tied to any kind of 9 - 5 traditional workplace. I have control over that and when I don't anymore, it's time for me to move on.

An Awesome Tribe - The people in my corner uplift and support me and give me what I need. I love imperfect people who are comfortable in their own skin.

Self Acceptance - I own who I am and love myself with all my quirks and foibles. That means I am open to talk about mental health issues. After all, it's as much a part of me as my Newfoundland accent - not going anywhere fast.

Be well and if you can't be well - be kind to yourself.

8 March 2016

I Have a Secret

It's tax time and that can be a very frustrating time of year for some people. I was all set to write about taxes this month, perhaps a hot button topic, like the changes taking place this year, or the Disability Tax Credit Certificate and how you qualify or how it can benefit the whole family. If you want to know more about a tax topic, please send me a note. I'd rather talk about something else.

I love the Law of Attraction. I never get tired of learning about how people are making it work for them. Whenever I get a chance to talk with someone on the topic, I'm right there soaking it all up.

One point in particular that resonates with me is this: prior to learning about the Law of Attraction, I had taken a ton of training on goal setting the SMART way. We always focused on the mechanics of achieving a goal but spent very little time on learning how to dream. In my opinion, dreaming is the secret to success.

It takes discipline to become an efficient dreamer. Efficient dreamers achieve goals. I love dreaming big dreams.

I know what you're thinking... "If I'm not a dreamer by nature, how do I start dreaming at 62?" Well, there's a trick to it and I teach that trick in my Goal Setting with a Twist. Email me for details.

Here's a little nugget. When I wanted to buy a house, I spent a lot of time watching programs about renovations. I attended home shows and chatted with people who had purchased homes. I had conversations with lenders long before I was ready to borrow. You see, I knew where I was going because I had a laser sharp focus on it. I had dreamed about owning that home. Then, when I purchased that house, well, I wasn't surprised. I was already there in my mind.

I know, you're going to ask me, "What happens when you try to dream but those little voices pop up to tell you that it ain’t gonna happen." Well, you'll have to wait for next month to find out more.

Enjoy your month and, even though I am not talking about taxes, don't put it off until the last minute.

1 March 2016

Don't limit your dreams by focusing on money!!!

There's a mistake that people make when they dream. They start out with a big dream and somewhere along the way, they look at their financial resources and decide that they don't have enough cash to make that dream a reality so they quit dreaming. 

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The secret is to create enough energy and excitement around the dream that the resources to make the dream a reality show up. 

Don't believe me? Try it on a small scale and watch what happens. Of course, you may be freaked out by the places where the resources come from - places you could never have imagined. 

Don't limit your dreams by focusing on the wrong things.