25 September 2015


Seth Godin describes a cul-de-sac, in his book The Dip, as a place where "you work and you work and you work and nothing much changes".  For me that was around 4 years ago. I went into business because I couldn't find work and was trying to figure out what I could teach. Recently divorced, I wrote a book on dating and held some workshops on meeting someone new.

My heart wasn't in it at all. It didn't go anywhere. There's no comparison between the passion I have for the work that I do now and how I felt back then. I was in a different space - a cul-de-sac. It was a waste of time and money - we can't undo it. Next time, walk away sooner - Thanks Seth for reminding me.

15 September 2015

A Business About-face

Sylvia shows up one day and asks if I can do her husband's income taxes. After a bit of conversation, it became obvious why he wanted to give up his business and go back to work at his old job. Sylvia also disclosed that by the time she knew what was happening, she felt it was too late to turn the company around.

I like taking on these cases because on a good day, I not only handle the taxes and get the family on board with CRA, but I can help the client continue their journey as a business owner. I love being in business for myself, but it would be a nightmare with a financial dead weight hanging over me. Bad accounting habits by business owners along the way will get them into hot water. Incorporating a few skills and new processes into your daily practise can make every year an easier one.

I've learned from the school of hard knocks. My own personal bankruptcy gives me the right to claim the status 'Subject Matter Expert' about how not to do it. I feel an affinity for folks who have gone down that road and I love showing them how to get back on track with their finances.

Why did Sylvia’s husband end up in this predicament? There were a number of reasons for why the business fell into decline, including pricing the product too low in the good times, going after the 'fast' cash (such as doing jobs that generated income under the table), not keeping on top of the financial accounting aspect of the business, and not including the family in the business decisions from day one. All of these mistakes can be boiled down into one crucial element: not understanding cash flow within the business.

We have two programs rolling out that will help with this type of situation. The Buck Stops Here is all about taking control of personal finances and Business Boot Camp is filled with nuggets about the habits of successful business owners.

If your story is anything like Sylvia's, call me. It's never too late to put some processes in place that will help your business.

5 September 2015

We Love Hard Work

It may be a long weekend but some of us are working anyhow. It's been an awesome week with everything falling into place at the office. We had our first coaching session there in the midst of a mess but it went well. I am really looking forward to Sep 22nd.
This week I've had some wonderful conversations with a group of people who have all had to become business people to make ends meet. The learning curve, the pain, the joy and the raw honesty and emotion was inspiring.
What owning a business does for people like us - folks who find great value in working hard is it gives us a purpose and a sense that we are contributing. I'm feeling so blessed these days. We all shamelessly admit that we love hard work. I come from a family of hard workers - it's in my jeans and my genes.

2 September 2015

Morning Ritual - Start with the End in Mind

Do you have a morning ritual? Morning rituals get your day off to the right start.

After a meditation, I grab a coffee and a piece of art paper and some coloured markers. I imagine myself at the end of my day looking back over the day. In the centre of the paper, I write "It was a fantastic day.

I change colours often as I write what it is that made my day fantastic. Like tentacles on an octopus my paper becomes filled with things that I have accomplished today. Your list will look different than my list.Then I get up and I get 'er done. What kind of day will you have today?