27 December 2014

2015 – Work the Plan

When you look back at the past year, what did you notice. Did things work out the way you had planned? What do you mean, you didn’t have a plan? That’s no way to live, make a plan and work the plan for a fantastic year.

Find a quiet corner and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let’s go.

Imagine that it is December 2015 and you’re looking back over the year ahead. Bear with me, this stuff works.

What have you achieved in 2015? Struggling to put yourself in this place – it gets easier to suspend your disbelief but don’t leave me yet. Take a deep breath. Imagine you’re responding to the question – “What kind of year did you have?”

Phrase your responses in the affirmative. Use examples below as template….

“My body is strong and getting stronger every day.”

“I have a beautiful partner in my life and we cherish one another.”

M gross revenue in my business is (fill in the blank).”

Now glorify in the feeling for a bit longer. How does it feel to have accomplished so much. Come on back to the present again. What do you need to do to achieve those goals? Make a plan and work the plan – simple isn’t it?