30 December 2012

Dare to Grow

“When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” There  have been times in each of our lives when we feel frustrated because things are not unfolding at the pace that we want them to. I have always been a “ducks in a row” kind of gal. I probably put a little too much emphasis on being safe and secure before I step out on a limb. But life has a way of delivering to me the kind of lessons that I have needed, not the ones that I have chosen.  I have learned to welcome each day because I know that the learning even in the crappiest of situations is invaluable and necessary.

What I know to be true, and wish I known known earlier, is that things are going to work out just fine. We grow to fit the  environment that we find ourselves in. No matter what circumstances I find myself in, the resources that I need to survive happen to appear when I need them. Ain’t it amazing?  So with this new found wisdom, I am able to take calculated risk earlier. I have yet to let me down. Even in those times when things were terrible. I always harken back to the nightmare of law school when I think of this – there is learning in this situation. I never thought I’d say that but the traumatic ending of law school ended up being the catalyst for greatest change. I survived that.

So to women who are ambitious and who want more from life, my advice is this  - don’t focus on what can go wrong because even when things go wrong, life will deliver the tools that you need to make them right. Look at the times that you stepped up and impressed yourself. Keep a log of those things nearby to remind yourself because we all like to have a pity party on occasion.  Take a minute today to see that you have the tools and the skills to take that next step. Dare to grow.