21 July 2017

Is the Shame of Failure Holding You Back?

My epic failure happened at Law School in 2006. It was a humiliating, fall flat on my face, embarrassing and life altering event that easily falls into the category of failure.

I have also referred to it as a blessing, a privilege, the catalyst for change that catapulted me into a new profession - one that I grow more grateful for each day. 

It is one of those things that is defined by perspective. Not everyone will see it the way that I do. 

There is truth is the quote by Dorothy Herman "If you're fearful of failure, you'll never succeed." But I would even take that quote a step further. There are many people out there who have failed miserably and allowed that failure to stop them dead in their tracks.

I believe that "If you fail to mine for the gold in failure, you'll never be successful." Failure is the ultimate "School of Hard Knocks". It's a privilege to have been given the opportunity to learn from this perspective. The lessons learned there aren't available in any theory. It's about as custom as custom training gets.

I believe as a result of my event that the harder the knock the higher the potential for learning. The risk inherent in failure is in allowing the event to stop you dead in your tracks - failure does not have to be the end of the road but failing to learn will put you at risk of just that.

Do you have something that you're stewing over - a failure that brings you shame? Have you failed to process this lesson? The time is now - don't let it hold you back one second longer.

If you are afraid to failure, you will never succeed.

2 July 2017

Lessons We Learned When We Were Young - Women, Money and Unlearning

This morning I set out to write about "money mindset" considering that we're one week away from our Book Club. We're going to be studying Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" again. It's one of those books that I consider a staple. 

Even when I know what I am going to write about, I always like to do a bit of reading before I sit down to write - this helps me to get focused and usually inspired. That is exactly what happened this morning as I chose to read a couple of short articles from  Sibyl Magazine - an online publication that is written "for the spirit and soul of woman".  Every time I read the tagline, I feel the love. 

I'm grateful for the beautiful Kathy Eckhardt and her gift that keeps on giving. Kathy is not only a contributing author but she also gave me a subscription a while back. I cherish these wonderful nuggets of wisdom for women. 

When we set out to understand our money mindset, which is what we do when we study Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", we are often getting geared up to challenge our own assumptions. We are going to put our well ingrained beliefs under a microscope. The first time we encounter this information, we may feel a little uncomfortable - I know I did. 

The people who shaped our young minds did the best that they could with the knowledge that they had at the time. When those lessons are no longer serving us well in life, it may be time to let them go.  Letting them go is a process not the flick of a switch. That's why I read this book over and over - there's always something new to learn today. 

In Kathy's article this morning, she speaks about women being "people pleasers".  How many of you can look back at the women in your life and identify one or two who may fall into this category? I know that I can and I can also remember a time when I would have described myself as one. I'd even go so far as to say that I still have times when I need to push against this desire to please. This has happened from time to time when I speak with someone about making money. Not everyone feels comfortable speaking about revenue for example. 

Want to know a secret? I am getting over this last one - I like making money in my business and sharing how to do that with other people and I make no excuse for enjoying that. 

As dedicated lifelong learners, we spend a tremendous amount of time unlearning that early conditioning and finding our own way through life. Nowhere is this more evident than with our beliefs around money. 

"Money doesn't grow on trees."

"Do you think I'm made of money?"


What about that cringe you feel when you have to put a price on your product or service that makes you uncomfortable? This is evidence of money conditioning at its finest.

I'm reminded that it wasn't that long ago when I had my own struggles with making money. It showed up in many ways. First of all, I didn't have any. I was judgemental and envious of others who had more than I did. I'd even go so far as to say that I would make assumptions about their character based on how much money they had. Does this resonate at all? I'm not proud of this but neither do I beat myself up over it. 

Thank goodness when we know better, we do better. Thank goodness we align ourselves with other people who are on a learning journey and as imperfect as we are. 

Money isn't good or bad on it's own. Money in the right hands can do wonderful things in the world. More on that topic in the program - but you get what I'm saying about  this "unlearning" that we must take part in. 

I teach people to make money - their subconscious beliefs can really keep them from being successful. It's as important to talk about this as it is to have a business plan. I'd love to hear your money story or any story where you had to unlearn something that didn't serve you well. 

Join us next week as we learn more about this topic. 

17 June 2017

I didn't need cash, I needed skills.

As a cash strapped new start up I was convinced that what I needed was money to get my business off the ground. I applied for a $500 loan at one point and was very disappointed when I didn't get it. My coach at the time didn't take it too seriously. He wanted me to go back to the drawing board and get more creative in finding money. 

Fast forward about 6 years and this is what I know to be true. Getting turned down for that loan was a blessing - I didn't need cash, I needed skills.  At the time, I had earmarked that money for a video I wanted to help market my service. But, that would have been a big waste of money -- I didn't know how to sell. I realize that now. Just as I realize that many of the obstacles along the way were blessings. 

Soooooo, ask yourself this - do you know how to sell your product or service? A good measure is ... have you sold one? A prettier website, a great video and a new suit won't get you closer to that sale if you can't close. Think about it, do you really need the cash or do you need skills? 

10 June 2017

Military Entrepreneurs - How Balancing a "Heart to Serve" with a "Profit Motive" Can Be a Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success for Veterans

This has been a week filled with emotions as I found myself meandering down memory lane. The years I spent serving my country were by far the best years of my life. Reinventing myself as an entrepreneur is definitely becoming a close second in terms of career satisfaction.  The satisfaction level of owning a business may have happened sooner if I had acquired the special sauce "profit motive" early on.

The "profit motive", an absolute essential in business is often a difficult topic for veterans to embrace. After all, the "heart to serve" is generally the number one motivator for them in the  military. The good news is that it will also serve them well in entrepreneurship. But failing to integrate the two will result in more than one failed endeavour.

When I was invited to be a navigator for the Prince's Operation Entrepreneur hosted by Dalhousie University this week, I was all over it. This week long intensive entrepreneurial program brings serving and retired military people together for a week of learning about business. The program was impressive and the soldiers and veterans who took part were inspiring.

There's a lot that takes place in the classroom and I'm a proponent of teaching Business Essentials to new entrepreneurs.  Let's not forget that there are certain lessons that  can only be learned with boots on the ground  - the topic of "profit motive" is one that I hold dear. I know that when I bring it up in the early days of entrepreneurship, I can literally see the discomfort with the topic. But the truth is, when we learn to balance that "heart to serve" with the "profit  motive" that business requires, we elevate our chances for success.

Entrepreneurship is an excellent choice for many veterans. They already have many of the core competencies necessary for success in business - that "heart to serve" is definitely the icing on the cake.

Soldiers have excellent skills in adaptability, we can stay the course even during the tough times. Communication, leadership and networking come natural to us. We not only set goals, we get the job done.

The one where I had the biggest learning curve was adopting the "profit motive" essential to business success. This week as I spoke with these new entrepreneurs I saw the same reaction that I had experienced in the early days. When asked whether I charged for my coaching - I said that I charged what I was worth.

Some struggled with that as they responded with "I'm not in it for the money." to which I responded "You won't be able to live your passion for long if you don't balance that big heart to serve with some practical common sense business motives around profit." That has been the biggest learning curve for me.

It's ok to want to make money. We all need money to survive. Money is just the medium through which we exchange service or as my friend reminded me - it's a measure of the pleasure you give your clients. It isn't some social evil. If you offer something that people want and appreciate, they understand why you get paid for that service. You are worth it. 

Want to know more about what we do at PeopleCan? Check out my website .

3 June 2017

There's nothing like the wrong environment to take the sizzle out of your entrepreneurial dreams

Are you a massive dreamer? Do you have a dream for your business that you only take out when no one is around? Tell the truth - does your dream scare you on occasion? I love big dreamers but not everyone does.
I'm a dreamer - I dream in technicolour. I also take bold action to make those dreams a reality - which irritates the heck out of people sometimes. I've been accused of being like a man when it comes to business. I prefer to call myself a women who is driven to succeed and I'm blessed to have surrounded myself with enough like minded people that the trolls can't really distract me now.
I've been busy this week planting a small garden in front of my house. I've claimed this piece of stubborn earth to create a space that I find appealing. It's been a task and a half. My first attempt to put the shovel into the ground sent a vibration to my skull - nothing could grow in this clay that was as solid as concrete. With my few tools, I managed to turn the dirt, add manure, rich soil and peat moss and I am proud of the fertile spot I have created. It's only been a week but I see evidence that the perennials are taking root.
Environment is important when you plant flowers..............and it matters even more when you plant dreams.
Look at the environment where you are trying to plant your big dream - are you planting in fertile ground? Will adding a few ingredients make it a "fertile patch" into which your dreams can flourish?
Or, is it time to find a new environment?
Had I struck bedrock when I put that shovel into the ground that day - I would have known not to waste my resources or my valuable time.
I've known tough environments. "Crabs in a bucket" is a term that is used to describe an environment. I love this analogy because I've lived in a bucket of crabs. In this analogy, one crab with a dream tries to get out of a bucket and all the other crabs jump on his back and try and climb over him - resulting in all crabs staying in the bucket.
It can look like this example that a client shared recently.
You open up shop in the community and people drive right past you to visit your competition in the next community. That's one example of what crabs in a bucket looks like. The message is all about lack of support that is necessary for growth. Planting your dream in an environment that isn't fertile for growth is a waste of valuable resources.
Take time to evaluate the environment before your take bold action.
Sometimes you can get the ground ready - add a few ingredients and turn the environment into one that is very supportive. My little flower garden is a good example. as is the place that I have chosen to grow my business this time.
There's nothing like a poorly chosen environment to take the sizzle out of your entrepreneurial dream. Take the time to choose well.

29 May 2017

A crowbar and a shovel and $500.00

Memories of growing up in rural Newfoundland are rich and vivid. Sometimes it feels like something out of a storybook. My daughter was often enchanted with stories of watching the porpoises from the living room window or walking through a herd of cattle to get to school. Rural living with few paved streets also presented challenges.

We lived in a lane that was built on the side of a hill.  Our house was about halfway down. It gave us an amazing view of the ocean but when it rained things could be challenging.

Long before they paved the lane, heavy rains caused a lot of washout and being below the level of the road, our house was always at risk of flooding. The heavy rain coupled with a ferocious wind meant that it rained sideways. It didn't just rain cats and dogs, there were often chickens and the occasional small child in the mix.

During the heavy rain, you could always find my father out in the lane with a crowbar, pick and shovel. He fought what appeared to be a losing battle - diverting the water away from the house so that we would not be flooded. It took a ton of effort, elbow grease and help from neighbours.

Retrenching is all about results - the reason they exerted so much effort was because they knew the writing was on the wall if they did nothing. Flooding was imminent.

I learned about hard work from my father. First of all, you must be results driven. You dig in and do what needs to be done so that you achieve the results you want. He didn't shy away from a task just because he might get wet. Retrenching is a tough job - but then again, any change is hard. The easiest thing to do is......nothing.

When you're results driven, you don't mind doing what needs to be done. Think about your business for a second. If you're like most people, you want to make more money. You'd love a different result. There are very few people who are willing to do the hard work. You see, change is like retrenching, it takes concerted effort and determination to change.

Retrenching is a word that I came across in a university women's studies course. They were using it to speak about public policy. Retrenching was about doing it differently. Sometimes change is tough and it requires retrenching - where in your business can you see yourself putting up with something just because you're not ready to do the hard work?

Each week, I come up with a question to stimulate discussion in the groups I lead. Generally, it's around profits. This week the question is "Can you make $500.00 in new money in the next 30 days?"

How long will you put up with the status quo before you attempt to retrench?

My father will tell you that it's not easy to divert water - you don't just dig a furrow one time, you have to do it over and over because that water remembers the path and the ease with which it flowed for a long time. That's why they had to spend a lot of time out there digging and watching and digging again.

Our business efforts are no different. It's easy to get up and do what we did last week. But are you ready to take responsibility for the results? Are you ready to retrench?

28 May 2017

Privilege and Lack Of: Benefits and Burdens in Each

It's not uncommon to feel envy when you come from a position of disadvantage. When people all around you are doing well, thriving, travelling and laughing lots while you struggle, it takes a lot of discipline to not feel your own disadvantage.  But there are benefits and burdens on both sides of the coin.

The benefit of age is wisdom. When you know better, you do better. Having been down a tough road, I picked up skills and resources I never would have learned had I started a few rungs higher on the ladder.

I meet so many clever people who have had to be creative to survive.

Envy drains you - criticizing people because they have a better start in life is a waste of time. Sometimes when they fall on hard times, life gets real tough real fast. People who had a rough start often maintain their cool when the going gets tough.

Talk to anyone who has walked on both sides of that road and they will tell you that there are advantages in a disadvantaged start and there are disadvantages in a privileged start. There are benefits and burdens in each.

Make YOUR journey matter.

24 May 2017

What I would teach on the first day of business school.

I stood in front of the small group and asked them to reflect upon what their business would look like in 6 months time. I gave them instructions on how to bring the mind back to the task at hand and I gave them just 10 minutes to reflect on that.

At the end of the 10 minutes, I asked those who were willing to share their dream. One man in particular shared a very detailed story of how his business would look. I could tell by his clear articulation that this was something he had thought about for quite some time now. He even spoke about how it would feel to put the key into his toolbox in the  morning.

What was even more powerful was that at the end of the story, he said "I have no idea how I will make that happen." You see, he was flat broke and had just been turned down for funding even though he had a solid business plan and a burning desire to start a business. Like me, he was hard to employ and reluctantly entrepreneurial but his self worth hinged on his ability to provide for the family.

Contrast that with the folks who couldn't conjure up an image or who couldn't articulate what their life was going to look like. It wasn't that they didn't want to be successful. After all, they had paid to take the course - they were hungry for success. They had families to feed and starting a business was the way to go.

They admitted to not knowing how to dream and they didn't appreciate the role that dreaming paid in achievement. My task was to teach them to value dreaming and to start practising the art.

There is nothing more overwhelming in a business course for beginners and especially reluctant entrepreneurs than a class on finances/cash flow. It's totally overwhelming to speak about cash flow when there is no cash flowing. They haven't learned to turn on the spigot of cash yet and they're expected to speak about the stream. It's an unrealistic expectation.

There are learning cycles that need to take place before hand. In order to get them to suspend the disbelief  that they feel, they need to learn to dream.

I believe the fuel that will enhance the buy in is imagination so I like to teach that particular competency first?

How much time to do you spending dreaming about the dream already achieved? Are you a worry wart? How are you making out with that? Looking at your problems under a microscope doesn't make them go away -- dreaming on the other hand is electric. People come alongside folks who can dream, opportunities happen. You're more likely to step out and learn a skill if you're all in.

Learn to dream and I'll teach you to make money.  

23 May 2017

Know your numbers, make cash flow and budgets your friends.

If you're one of those people who only look at your numbers at the end of the year, you're missing a great opportunity. By year end, it's too late to tweak what you do to increase revenue - had  you peeked at how you were doing after the first quarter, you would have had a better chance of adjusting to secure more revenue. 

Quarterly cash flow projections help us to plan for the next quarter. They also give us a snapshot of where we are right now. This allows us to look at what we need to do to get to where we want to be. 

I'm surprised at the number of people who don't know where they are positioned financially until tax time and by then, it's too late to make use of the tool.

We're hosting a group of workshops around cash flow in June. The goal is to help you get comfortable with your numbers - no matter what they are right now.  

Email: debbie.adams08@gmail.com

22 May 2017

Is it time to walk away? Points to ponder.

Is it decision time? Are you considering walking away from a situation or a relationship? Walking away can be extremely challenging but often it is the only option for many reasons. I once read that you have to let go of one vine in life to swing to the next vine. But sometimes the process can be painful for a number of reasons. Walking away when the time is right takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Here are a few things to ponder if you are in that place of big decision.

Sometimes we stick with business, work and people long after the "best before" date. You know the writing is on the wall because you spend a lot of time thinking about it. But you also spend a lot of time focusing on the best part of it all. This can keep you stuck.

This can be especially true if you spent a lot of time and money or exerted a ton of effort up to this point. You may have a tendency to turn a blind eye to how bad things are and focus on the baby that you helped create or how hard you've worked. Or you may think - I'll go when I get some of my money back if you have invested in something that isn't working out.  This kind of thinking can keep you stuck for longer than is healthy. If  you did a cost/benefit analysis of the situation, you would see that the time is right.

When you let go of something that isn't working, you can find yourself on a springboard to something much better - providing of course that you extract the lesson and go with a ton of wisdom. Think about it.

I've walked away from:

a marriage
law school
many smaller ventures that weren't working.

But I have not taken any of those lightly. I've also learned a lot of lessons and feel that I have gotten a lot out of my sweat equity. What are you pondering walking away from? Are you being honest with yourself?

17 May 2017

Is it time to get bold?

On taking bold action - I had the most amazing vacation this week. When I take time away from biz, I come back with an amazing energy. I love what I do and I love inspiring others to take bold action.
A lady once said to me "You don't see what we see, do you?" I really didn't question her at the time but when I look back I can see what she meant. Long before I took bold steps in my business, other people could see my potential.
I know this because I see this in other people now and I often say to my clients "You don't see what I see." Then of course I hold up a mirror and show them what others see. Sometimes that means letting them see the parts of themselves that need to be changed but that's part of the process when you go for the gold.
You know when you're ready for bold action especially if you yearn for more. I could write forever on this topic - fear of failure keeps us stuck - embracing failed attempts as part of the process will get us closer to the goal.
What do other people see in you and is it time to throw away fear and get her done?

11 May 2017

My 3 rules of collaboration 3/150

I'm determined to write a blog post a day for 150 days.

I love well thought out collaborations - they're amazing business boosters. If you're considering a collaboration take these  3 things into collaboration.

1. It has to be a win/win. Don't be afraid to ask the touch questoins.

What's in it for me?

What's in it for me, what's in it for you?

Don't have such a narrow focus that you're only thinking about the benefit to you - come to the table having considered the benefit to the other person.

2. Hammer out the details. Who is responsible for what, when where, etc. Every single detail. Get it all out there.

3. Measure results, tweak and do again.

Want to learn more about successful collaboration? contact me.

9 May 2017

Don't say I told you so.

Adults love to make their own mistakes and learn where the rubber hits the road. We have a tendency to be overly optimistic when we decide to take a plunge. 

People show up to warn of the hidden dangers but after listening intently we ignore them because......that won't happen to us. 

And then it does happen and we ....... get over it because that's part of being human. We want to learn on our own. Quit worrying about people saying - I told you so. Who cares that they told us so - we did it our way and now we won't have to learn that again. 

At least we're living. 

8 May 2017

Try doing one thing differently!!!

What you're doing right now produces the results you have now. In order to produce new results, you need to do something different.

If you're waiting for wildly different, you will be waiting for a long time. What doing things differently means is saying yes to an invite that you normally would say no to. It's zigging when you would normally be zagging.

Those opportunities show up more often than you think.

Try it today - do one thing differently.

7 May 2017

This is Success

Success is not that thing out there that you have to strive to be/do/get to. This place where you are today is success. The only judge of whether you're successful is you. 

As a speaker and blogger, I am not waiting until I'm as good as Seth before I share what I know. I have something to say now and someone is waiting to hear it. 

Success is every milestone you have overcome and you ought to be soooo proud of that. 

So, take people off those pedestals. Pay attention to your own journey. 

Take leaps.

Fall down.

Dust off.

Do something new. 

That's success.

30 April 2017

Nothing is Left to Chance - My Sunday Routine

This is me sitting down to tackle my weekly plan. Nothing is left to chance in my business. Every quarter, I sit with a coach and hammer out a broad look at the next quarter but in between those official meetings I do this Sunday routine.

I set aside a chunk of time and get out my pen and paper......and crayons. Pen and paper because I'm a boomer and it works well for me. Crayons because my first language is images and that's how I get creative. Call it wonky if you will but wonky is not too shabby in my world. It allows me to dive deep into what I want to bring about.

I start with a meditation and my first thought is "A week of success". This allows me to become centred and focused.  Meditation has become a staple and it allows me to free up time by only doing what needs to be done.

This is followed by a review of my appointment book. Here I find the things that I can't ignore - the fixed obligations that I have no control over. I write them into my working weekly planner.

Next I go with a brain dump for all the things that I would like to accomplish that week. I'm already primed with the glance at the appointment book - there are calls to make, emails to send, flights to book etc. Those need to get done  - the logistics of my work.

Then I look at my events that I have coming up in the quarter. I reverse engineer them a bit to see what needs to get done in the coming week. I keep an event book and I check in on those weekly to make sure that they're proceeding as planned.

Then I do a visioning exercise. I pretend it's end of week and I'm looking back over the week. In essence, I'm dreaming of what I have accomplished this past week (which is really this coming week). It's really not that confusing - it's about starting with the end in mind.

Having conjured up this vision of a successful week, I engage my creative side. This allows me to hammer out a plan to make those experiences happen. I've always been a dreamer - learning to leverage it in my business has been golden.

That's the gist of what my Sunday plan look like. It works for me. Success is never left to chance. What systems do you have in place to make this week amazing?

15 April 2017

When you want to cry......just cry!!!

The day started out lovely - I had a few hours of work to do and then I planned to do something fun. The problem was, I didn't know what I wanted to do and then there was no one to do it with. I did a mental role call to see which of my friends would want to do a little road trip.  Trouble was, there was no one that came to mind immediately.

After a nice long chat with my niece where I was grumbling about my dilemma - beautiful day, no car, no one who loved crazy impromptu road trips like I did - I mentioned that I felt like crying.

My wise and beautiful niece says "Aunt Debbie, if you want to cry, then just cry!!!"

Wow! How powerful were those words. I wasn't struggling to figure out what I wanted to do today - I was grieving and couldn't quite put my finger on it. This really made me think.

Driving was such a huge part of my prior life and losing my license hit me hard. My counsellor told me that it would take me a long time to grieve that loss - she didn't tell me that it would show up at the oddest of times.

What i wanted to do today was get in my car (likely something with a big motor and a killer stereo) and just drive. No real destination necessary, a small overnight bag in case I decided to stay in some bed and breakfast along the way. I'd have my favorite music blaring as I travelled the back roads to nowhere but adventure. I'd likely drop in to see friends along the way - the old fella that has a farm or the guy who builds spinning wheels.

Adventure  - That's what I wanted to do - that's the life I was craving - I've missed the many adventures I've been blessed to enjoy - horseback riding, sky-diving, dirt bike riding, camping, hiking - I didn't need anyone to help me find fun. I wanted to drive myself to an adventure.  I often feel like I'm living someone else's life.

I needed to grieve and having given myself the permission to cry until snot ran off my chin and my throat ached, I could get that out there. I felt better once it was done. Now I can get on with my day.

14 April 2017

What are you passionate about? Sell that.

I sell what I know. I know how to unleash internal capacity - I learned this by unleashing my own capacity.  I went from over mentored, awesome employee material to loving entrepreneurship. Circumstances made it necessary for me to step out in faith and start a business. I've learned a set of skills where the rubber hits the road. 

I sell that knowledge. I'm passionate about that knowledge because it's personal to me, because I've been there and because I see the impact it has in a person's life. 

I am ecstatic about the capacity that we have as adults - a capacity that needs to be unleashed and I'm over the moon stoked about my role in that. 

What are you passionate about? When you find that passion amazing things happen. People show up in your life to help you bring that passion to market. You step out in faith and show your vulnerable side. You reap the benefits. 

Find your passion and make it your business. 

2 April 2017

Are you a good listener? Are you targeting the wrong market?

When I was a rookie entrepreneur, coaches would come alongside and try and sell me services. In the early days, I wouldn't purchase because I wasn't ready to put the skin in. There are many reasons for this.

 Later on people tried to sell me programs/coaching and I didn't purchase because they didn't clearly articulate that they could give me the solution to my problem - we all know what that looks like. We can be so caught up in that elevator pitch that we're not listening to the other person. We've all been there.

When I was ready, someone came along and they spoke to my need and a deal was struck. I was always ready to put some skin in but I am a very careful shopper.

If you're selling a service, are you listening to the prospect to see what their problem is or do you have a canned product that you're going to force on a market? Are you selling to the wrong market?

Market your services to folks who want to get where you are. You have that solution.

What about it? Are you targeting the wrong market? Are you listening well?

17 March 2017

Disabled Entrepreneurs: Barriers, Money and Mindset

I never profess to speak for all of the people living with disabilities - after all, each person has a different journey. We like to fit people into nice, neat categories but that doesn't really fly with me.

I speak for me - a woman who was high functioning, independent to a fault who acquired a disability that sent me into a tailspin for far too long.I am an entrepreneur with a few disabilities and for a very long time I resisted that title.

I just wanted to be normal, to blend into the landscape of people and to get on with my work but that didn't happen. Whether I chose to embrace it or not, I lived with a disability and it has presented problems for me in every area of life. I want to speak about barriers today - two of these barriers in particular - money and mindset.

I've always had the ability to dream a big dream but my disability presented a new layer of challenges for me. It impacted my ability to find work and as a result it left me without resources of the financial kind and let's not kid ourselves - money matters.

Disabled people face many barriers to employment or entrepreneurship but with money we can often overcome some of those barriers. Recently I've strained my vocal chords and have not been able to talk for weeks now. Because I had the resources, I could hire people to do my speaking for me. There's something to be said about having the resources to get over those obstacles.

Money is the external panacea that can often help us to overcome many barriers but what if the barrier is internal. I struggled with self acceptance when I became aware of my disability - it was debilitating really. Confidence and self acceptance are internal barriers.

What if a person doesn't have the confidence - that is a  barrier that no amount of money will cure. There's nothing more debilitating than an internal barrier of not believing you can make it happen. Teaching money mindset has shown me that internal beliefs do impact our external reality. If making money can help us to overcome our external barriers - having that "can do" attitude is essential.

When I teach reluctant entrepreneurs - those folks who are starting a business because they must not because they want to - I address the internal first. You see if we can't believe it, we can't make it happen. When we believe it, magic happens. In a discussion with a facilitator recently we spoke about how financial projections can freak out a new entrepreneur - I believe that is the case when the belief is not there. It's a case of getting the learning objective right - topic for another day.

Each day as I journey toward success, I see first hand the impact that changing my mind has had on me. I also see the real story of how money removes barriers. I have to step back and say "wow" because it wasn't that long ago where I thought I would never make a living again. People of privilege of the financial kind don't get it. Being disabled and poor can be a bitch.

What I know to be true - money matters, it can remove many external barriers but it all starts with the right mindset - believing you can.....